We are calling out to all yoga teachers in NYC and surrounding areas to join us this spring in our Trauma Yoga Teacher Training!  Have you wanted to reach more people in need through yoga and service?  Do you want to make yoga more accessible to the underserved?  If you answered YES, this program is for you!

After the recent article that came out in the New York Times, we are reminded of the importance of yoga teachers having specific training dealing with triggers, and respecting students boundaries.  You will learn how to interact with those impacted by trauma including the homeless, and people affected by mental health issues.  Three and a Half Acres Yoga has had such a positive influence within these vulnerable groups.  We are growing quickly, and invite you to be a part of it!

Visit our website to get more information on this training, and reserve your spot!  We are also offering the training in Washington D.C.!  If you can not make the New York one, consider traveling to the heart of the nation and participating in our first D.C. training!



Register for the training here!
‘When I did my teacher training years and years ago there was no mention of best practices for trauma survivors. I was only made aware years later of the things we were doing in the room as teachers that could be potentially harmful to someone who had suffered an abuse. It makes me cringe to think the harm I could have caused. Standing over someone, touch without explicit consent, and other triggers are a part of regular yoga classroom. Even the words we use as teachers can reenforce improper power dynamic. We must change this for the next generation of yoga teachers and practitioners.  We never know who is in our classroom and what they have been through in life. We should treat each individual with care, sensitivity and autonomy. That’s why I believe it is so important to make sure every single yoga teacher gets trauma informed yoga training.’– Lara Land, Founder and Training Leader
“I would share this training with everyone, as it is where teachers should come right after their 200 Hours.”–FALL 2019 THAY TT GRAD
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