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Deepening our Commitment to Trauma-Informed Yoga through Dedicated Research

Three and a Half Acres Yoga is proud to announce our research study program with the University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign, its Principal Investigator and Associate Professor, Dr. Neha Gothe, and THAY partner, St. Mary’s Episcopal Church, Manhattanville in Harlem.


Goals of The Study

The purpose is to collect qualitative and quantitative data on the experience and benefits of Trauma-informed Yoga. Limited research currently exists on the benefits of trauma-informed yoga, breathing, and mindfulness techniques on the mental and physical wellness of trauma survivors, especially in under-resourced communities. Participants in this study will respond to questionnaires related to the yoga sessions attended. Participation will last for the length participants are involved in the 8-12 week program.

About Dr. Neha Gothe

Dr. Gothe is a Faculty in the Department of Kinesiology and Community Health at the University of Illinois Urbana Champaign and the Director of the Exercise Psychology Lab. Dr. Gothe received her PhD in Kinesiology – Exercise Psychology, from the University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign and also holds a Masters in Counseling Psychology.

Her research training and expertise is in conducting social-cognitive theory based interventions of physical activity and yoga for middle-aged and older adults. Her research agenda focuses on promoting physical activity, including non-traditional modes such as yoga, as a means to improve health, cognition and quality of life. She is known for her work on yoga for cognition and developed and led the first randomized trial examining the effects of yoga on cognitive function among older adults.

Dr. Gothe is currently the PI on the first NIH funded yoga trial examining neurocognitive effects among older adults. Her research is consistently funded by the NIH and she is consulting on the largest exercise trial to examine dose-response effects of aerobic exercise: IGNITE – being conducted at University of Pittsburgh, Kansas University Medical Center and Northeastern University in Boston.

Additionally, she has published over 55 peer-reviewed papers, presented at national and international conferences and holds service positions at the Society of Behavioral Medicine. At her Exercise Psychology Lab in Illinois, Dr. Gothe mentors graduate and undergraduate students interested in pursuing careers in yoga and exercise research.

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