This past weekend, Three and a Half Acres added eight new yoga instructors to our team!  The training was originally supposed to take place in Washington, D.C. and instead was brought online to our DMV group.  What a weekend!  We had a wonderful group of yoga instructors, yoga studio owners, and mental health workers all participating and learning together.  Each trainee had something to share and offer with the group, and the virtual setting offered a new and creative way to connect with one another while exploring the ways of supporting people who have experienced trauma.  New THAY graduate Audrey states:

I particularly appreciated hearing the different language that could/should be used and the tips offered for how to create a safe space that hopefully isn’t triggering. I also LOVED the use of the chair and am always looking for new ways to incorporate them into my teaching.”

 We are in the process of matching these new THAY grads with meaningful organizations in their area of D.C., Maryland and Virginia so they can begin offering the tools they have acquired we know work so well in helping people reach their potential.  Congrats to our first D.C. grads!

Visit our website to get more information on this training, and reserve your spot for our New York training coming up on April 24th and 25th!


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