The Three and a Half Acres Yoga mission is spreading fast this month!  In January we have had several new programs kick off and two of them are with Mixteca, and Glasswing International: organizations that empower and support members of the Latin American community.  In order to best serve these groups we have paired their students with two of our Spanish speaking instructors Jessa and Diana, where they co-teach a trauma informed class entirely in Spanish.  After the first class with Mixteca, Diana translated some of the comments to english from the students, who after class said “The class was lovely,” and “Thank you, I feel more relaxed.”

We are also beginning a partnership with Friends of Island, an organization that serves a community of youth that have spent time or are currently in NYC jails.  We have connected with similar individuals this past year with our program at Thrive for Life Prison Project, so we are very optimistic that yoga and mindfulness will impact this new community.

We are seeking more teachers who can offer classes in Spanish to these students and other programs focused on supporting Latin Americans.  If this is you, consider our training coming up next weekend!  Apply today!


THAY Senior teacher Nikki W. had the opportunity to share a trauma informed yoga class with a GLOBAL Audience this past Sunday at SOULFest Revolution, an international yoga festival!  Assisted by THAY graduates Safara and April, Nikki led the class and offered exercises that were inclusive, and motivated folks to follow the mantra “I love my soul.”  The participants watching from all over the world offered praise and feedback for the THAY team with Kelly from Oaxaca, Mexico saying “What a beautiful practice.” View the entire class hereon youtube, as well as other sessions from the SOULFest festival celebrating diversity and inclusion in the wellness space.  Nikki will also be leading a session at our upcoming Trauma & Service Yoga Teacher Training, join her by applying today!

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