It’s the season for giving and gratitude and we are in that spirit as we move into the end of November and holiday time. It’s in that spirit that we are so thrilled to announce our first ever month-long yoga fundraiser event.

Beginning Thursday, December 2nd and throughout the month of December, leaders in the Ashtanga yoga community will be donating their unique yoga classes and workshops, all for free with any level donation supporting Three and a Half Acres.

Our classes and training support individuals and teachers alike in recognizing their power for positive change.

Your donation gets you access to a long list of classes taught by seasoned yoga teachers such as Eddie Stern, David Swenson, Harmony Slater, Krishna Das, and more!

Live sessions during December include:
December 2nd (Thurs) Eddie Stern with Lara Land: Opening Puja and Comments
December 11th (Sat) 9-10.30am EST/2-3.30pm GMT David Swenson: Breath & Pranayam, w/ Discussion
December 19th (Sun) 8-10am EST/1-3pm GMT Harmony Slater: Guided Led Primary Series Class, followed by a relaxing guided Yoga-Nidra
December 21st (Tues) 7-7.30pm EST Krishna Das Chanting
As well as many others!
Donate $100 or more and receive a One Month Premium Membership to Kino MacGregor’s OmStars!Our largest donor will take home a Six Month Premium Membership to OmStars, a beautifully designed Tarot Deck by Barry Silver, and Lara Land’s My Bliss Book coaching planner.

To learn more and register for the Ashtanga Fundraiser for Trauma Relief, click the button below.

If you’re unable to attend, you can still make a difference to our community with your donation here. We are thankful for your support.



Trauma-informed Yoga and Services Teacher Training

Join us for our next Trauma and Service Yoga Training which will take place on December 4th and 5th! We are accepting applications from 200-hour certified (or more) yoga instructors. We also have multiple scholarship opportunities available! The training will take place virtually over Zoom.

Please be aware that our training is accessible financially at no cost when you commit to volunteer hours. We don’t want to leave any yogis behind, so please contact us with any questions or concerns relating to your application.

Meet Our New Hires

We would also like to welcome our new hires Nichole Bonsell, our Social Media Manager and Nickelina Noel, our Development Manager!

Join us in welcoming them to the team!


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