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You are invited to a Virtual Cocktail Making Class!

In honor of Pride Month, on June 7th at 7PM EST we are partnering with the lovely Queen’s from Drag Taste to provide a night of entertainment for all of our supporters. Follow along at home with the Drag Queen’s as we create a signature ‘Love Potion’ cocktail sponsored by the folks at Hendrick’s Gin. There will be plenty of surprises along the way!

The high energy evening will not disappoint as we honor Harlem Ambassador and local supporter Musa Jackson! THAY will be highlighting all of Musa’s work in the community while we concoct a delicious cocktail to sip on.

With a special thanks to our sponsor Hendrick’s Gin, all of the proceeds of this event will go directly to support and sustain our yoga partnership with New Alternatives: a nonprofit that offers a center and resources for homeless youth members who identify as LGBTQIA.

Get your tickets today! We absolutely can not wait for this night!


Musa Jackson, born and raised in Harlem is a true renaissance man. One of the pioneering Black male models discovered by the beauty editor of GQ magazine in 1983, he modeled for GQ, Vogue, New York Fashion Of the Times magazines and walked the runways in Paris and Milan for Jean Paul Gaultier. He would become Harlem’s first ever international top Black male model and the first Black male model for The Gap in a nationwide mainstream campaign. As a screenwriter he sold his first screenplay to Walt Disney’s Hollywood Pictures and was one of the winners of the American Gem Short Screenplay Award. At New York Fashion Week he co-produced fashion shows for Diane Von Furstenberg, Carolina Herrera, and Betsy Johnson. In Harlem produced Nona Hendryx first visual mixed media Art show, posthumously Lena Horne’s 100 Birthday tribute, and the classic film Claudine 45th Anniversary Tribute. He had his own society column in Uptown Magazine naming him “The Harlem Ambassador” He is the CEO and Editor In Chief of Ambassador Digital Magazine, the fastest growing weekly digital magazine hybrid with a YouTube/ Facebook Live featuring the some of most diverse group of influential individuals in the culture. He makes his tv debut in the Amazon tv series “Harlem” coming this fall and co-stars in award winning musician Questlove directorial debut Summer of Love a documentary chronicling the untold true story of the public greatest outdoor concert in Harlem history in the summer of 1969. Which won Sundance Audience and Grand Jury awards and debuts on Hulu July 2021.

Even though I’ve always been me and never been ashamed or closeted, I realize in this day and age it’s important to many that I don’t leave out that I’m a part of the queer community. So I am a Black Gay man/ father/ community leader/ business owner. Maybe knowing that will inspire someone struggling with their own identity.

-Musa Jackson


Internationally renowned designer and artist Rebecca Moses intrepidly criss-crosses a panorama of creative spheres. As one of the first American designers to enter the European market in the early ‘90s, she not only witnessed the globalization of design, but also played an important role in bringing down the boundaries of fashion and lifestyle, gaining international recognition by breathing life into two dusty old Italian companies that desperately needed repositioning and creating a luxury house under her own label. Moses established a newly refined paradigm of international style in all three companies, inspired by the diversity of the American spirit and a true respect for European tradition and craftsmanship.

As a designer, Moses thought globally well before it became the mantra of the large luxury goods conglomerates. She began travelling for her design work in New York at the age of 20, spending significant time in Europe, Asia and the mid-East. Her discerning eye, refined taste and sensibility were nurtured and cultivated as she sourced and manufactured in these distant locations, immediately captivating the attention of fashion’s elite players from press and retail, all of whom championed her talent, grace and personal style. She relocated to Italy after falling in love, closing her namesake label in the United States, and began a new chapter, personally and professionally. She succeeded Gianni Versace as the creative director of Genny, repositioning it for a new era of luxury dressing and the world took note, poising her to reopen her eponymous label on the world stage.


Moses soon began to venture beyond fashion’s borders becoming creative director at Pineider, turning that old-world Italian stationer into a modern-day luxury lifestyle brand that grabbed international attention for its smart and savvy products and chic branding.

2010 proved to be a pivotal year in Rebecca Moses’s life after her husband passed away from a sudden illness, months before her first book, “A Life of Style,” was to be published in the United States. Hard to conceive life in Italy without the love of her life, her mentor Franca Sozzani, editor in chief of Vogue Italia, encouraged her to change the air, move back to New York, and to consider a new approach to her work as well. After a few projects for Italian Vogue other global publications, such as Vogue Japan, Icon, and Marie Claire, began seeking out the whimsical and smart illustrations that would captivate their audiences. Soon other fashion, beauty and lifestyle brands began wanting Rebecca Moses’s uncanny ability to capture the essence of their brands through her unique eye and storytelling. Alcantara, Kartel, Mac Cosmetics, Panerai, Saks Fifth Avenue, Fratelli Rossetti, La Furla, Vera Wang, among others, are some of her creative, consulting and product collaborations.

Art, illustration and storytelling has become the focus of her work, with characters that are an amalgamation of who we are as a culture today. Her art reflects the multi-cultural individualist and redefines the standard of beauty influencing a new generation of women who are this new world order. Her women personify “undefined beauty” as an ever-changing, self-defining personal glamour, taking their cues from themselves, their tastes, and their whims. Their expressive, unconventionally made-up faces possess irregular features, an underslung chin, long neck or articulated arms and hands, so-called “imperfections” that make them so uniquely beautiful. Each conveys a fearless personal style, eccentric and original, indicative of the power and beauty of self-confidence. Her women are champions of their individuality, letting their passions speak for them. Their attitude is: Isn’t it great to be indescribable?

With several art exhibitions to date, new books in the work, Rebecca Moses seeks out projects that not only reflect our changing world and society but empower women to be proud of who they are and celebrate their own uniqueness.


  • 2019 WHITE SHIRTS BROWN PAPER paintings
    Nilufar Gallery, Milan, Italy
  • 2019 WHITE SHIRTS paintings
    Ralph Pucci, New York, NY
  • 2016 IMPERFECTLY PERFECT paintings, murals, mannequins
    Ralph Pucci, New York, NY
  • 2015 CAPRI GIRLS paintings
    Isetan Art Gallery, Tokyo, Japan
  • 2014 VIAGGO IN ITALIA illustrations
    Underwritten outdoor exhibition by Marie Claire Italia and the City of Milano
    Milan, Italy (via della Spiga)
    Traffic Art Space, New York, NY


  • 2019 SEE NO HEAR NO SPEAK NO paintings and hand-painted furniture
    Ralph Pucci, New York, NY
  • 2016 IMPERFECTLY PERFECT paintings preview exhibit
    Ralph Pucci, Miami, Fla


  • Moses, Rebecca. A Life of Style. Monacelli, 2010.

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