Trauma Yoga Teacher Training
More Info Session

More info, Email:
FRIDAY JAN 31, 2020

5:30 PM – 7:30 PM

Held at:
Woodley Park Yoga
2625 Connecticut Ave, NW
Washington, DC

Join us for this FREE Info Session exploring our Trauma Yoga Teacher Training. We will go over the details of the training, and answer all the questions you may have about what is involved and what to expect. Meet face to face with Lara, the training leader and see if this program is right for you. Connect with other like minded yogis and explore the training in depth!

Here’s what some of our grads
had to say about this training:

“I would ABSOLUTELY recommend this to anyone looking to teach in trauma affected populations and would go even further to say that it should be a requirement. A regular YTT does not prepare you for trauma affected populations. It would be so easy to trigger a student/students with one word, one posture.”

“Any yoga teacher who doesn’t know what they would do if they had to teach a trauma-informed yoga class, or doesn’t feel comfortable teaching students that may have physical limitations, should take this course.”

“I think ALL yoga teachers should go through Trauma Yoga Training. In my experience there is trauma everywhere. In this day and age of high stress and dis-ease, the mindfulness practice I learned in the training was invaluable and enlightening. I’d recommend it to all teachers.”

“Even if you don’t plan on serving in and teaching to an underserved community, this training can enlighten your teaching practice since many people in comfortable circumstances also have experienced traumas in their lives.”

“I would share this training with everyone, as it is where teachers should come right after their 200 hours.”
-Fall 2019 THAY TT grad

Training FAQs

Q: What exactly does the volunteer commitment entail?

A: The two main ways of volunteering with THAY are through teaching trauma yoga classes at some of our program locations and helping out with events throughout the year. Generally most of our trauma yoga classes are held during the day between 10-7pm Monday-Friday as this is the time most of our partners have requested for their students. We currently have a few classes that take place in the evenings and hold one Saturday class every other month. If you work full-time, this could mean that the bulk of your volunteer hours would likely come from volunteering at events instead of teaching. That being said, it is possible to get your volunteer hours completed through assisting with events as long as you're able to help out with all of them.

Volunteer duties at fundraiser events range from checking attendees in to showing guests where to go, selling tickets at the door, and passing out and collecting donation forms. Events take place on evenings or weekends.

Throughout the year we also have small admin-related projects that come up from time to time where volunteer help is needed such as assisting with flyering, social media, newsletters, research, storage help, etc. So that is another way to complete volunteer hours.

Please note, if you will be doing a volunteer commitment with THAY and would like to teach as part of that commitment, there are additional requirements. We require you to observe a minimum of two of our trauma yoga classes and then trial teach two classes.

Q: Can you elaborate more on exactly what is covered in the training?

A: Teacher training covers Ashtanga Basics, What is Trauma and How to Teach Someone Who Has Been Through Trauma, Chair Yoga, Diversity Training & Cultural Competency.

Q: I have a certification in hatha/ashtanga/power/vinyasa/Birkam yoga. Can I take the class?

A: Yes! We'd be delighted to have you join us!

Q: I have no yoga training. Can I take this course?

A: 200+ hour yoga teacher training is required or a daily Ashtanga practice for 2+ years. You can volunteer with us in other capacities! Email for more information.

Q: I live far away. Will I be able to bring THAY to my area?

A: Possibly. You can discuss with Lara at the time of training.

Q: What are the payment options?

A: Payment options:

  • Free for those who make a one-year commitment to volunteering one hour a week. ($100 deposit returned at year end)
  • $250 for those who make a six-month commitment to volunteering one hour a week. (plus a $50 deposit returned after six months)
  • $550 for those who would like the training with no volunteer commitment
Q: Sign me up! What do I need to do to register?

Click on the "Register Today" button on this page to fill out the registration form. We will review your application and contact you by email to confirm your acceptance to the training.

Please email with additional questions.

Q: What should I bring to the training?

A: Just yourself in clothes you are able to do yoga in and a pen.

Q: Where is the training located?
A: The New York training will be held at Land Yoga - 2116 Frederick Douglass Blvd, New York NY. The DC training will be held at Woodley Park Yoga - 2625 Connecticut Ave, NW, Washington DC.
Q: What is required to obtain my Trauma Yoga Teacher Training certificate?

A: Full attendance at both weekend training dates is required to receive a certificate. Please note, if you will be doing a volunteer commitment with THAY and would like to teach as part of that commitment, there are additional requirements. We require you to observe a minimum of two of our trauma yoga classes and then trial teach two classes.

Q: I have a full-time job/a busy schedule or I live far away. Is there a way I can fulfill volunteer commitment?

A: There is some flexibility in fulfilling the service commitment, including digital work. However, if taking the training in New York City, we ask that our volunteers be able to fulfill the bulk of their hours locally, helping to serve the Harlem and Upper Manhattan communities. If taking the training in Washington DC, volunteers may be allowed to choose an organization to serve in their area. We strongly suggest DC volunteers be able to volunteer for SOULFest DC, a yoga festival taking place on Sept 12th 2020 in DC. Please reach out to us and let us know if there is a specific organization that you'd like to bring trauma yoga to in order to fulfill your volunteer commitment.

Q: Is the training Yoga Alliance certified?

A. The Trauma Yoga Teacher Training is a supplemental continuing education course for students who have already completed a 200-hour yoga teacher training. At this time there is no certification process for continuing education trainings on Yoga Alliance; they only certify 200 and 500-hour courses. However, the training is registered on Yoga Alliance and will count towards fulfilling YA continuing education credits.