Trauma and Service Yoga Teacher Training

Scholarship Winners April 2021

Three and a Half Acres Yoga is pleased to announce the scholarship recipients for the April 2021 Trauma and Service Yoga Teacher Training. With funding provided by lululemon and the ‘Here to Be’ social impact team, these yoga instructors will be able to participate in our training without any financial obligations.

We are thrilled to expand our training to this group of individuals who reflects more diversity and inclusion in the teaching space. We have no doubt these teachers will bring their own knowledge and experience to our organization and will shine as representatives of THAY on their own journey.

We are so inspired by the work these individuals are doing using yoga as a healing modality for themselves and the individuals they connect with. I can not wait to see how this training acts as a catalyst for them to continue empowering their own communities as representatives of Three and a Half Acres Yoga.

Lara Land

Executive Director and Founder, Three & Half Acres Yoga

The lululemon ‘Here to Be’ Diversity & Inclusion Scholarship

Meet the recipients:

Alexia W
Alexia completed her 200HR YTT in December of 2020 and although it provided her with the foundations, she was left with questions on how to best serve her target community.

“My goal is to continue my yoga education to create offers that are as inclusive and inviting as possible to people who are normally marginalized both within the yoga community and without. Long term, I hope to be able to start a non profit that focuses on bringing yoga to bigger bodied women, and also women who are parents of children with special needs.”

Elise F.
Elise has been teaching yoga for over 6 years, and was active in offering services to youth and families in need in Boston. Now a resident of NYC, she is becoming more involved in her community while continuing her yoga education.

“I want to start teaching yoga again with at-risk youth. Those struggling with eating disorders. Those dealing with loss. Those dealing with grief from the pandemic. I know I have a lot to contribute and this training will allow me to confidently walk in spaces to provide space.”

Helsa T.
Helsa is a certified 200-hr yoga instructor, meditation teacher and life coach with a passion for empowering communities of color.

“I want to be equipped to better support the community of color in dealing with trauma through my passion for yoga. I am passionate about making yoga and healing more accessible to communities of color.”

Roz K.
Roz has been practicing yoga for many years, and decided to dive deeper into the practice and take the 200HR course in 2013. She is a dedicated mother in Long Beach, CA and is hoping to offer more classes in her community.

“Being part of the black and brown community which usually does not have access to health and wellness I find that being able to teach in the community and tap into the psychological, emotional and spiritual traumas that our people carry gives me so much fulfillment. I would love to deepen that understanding and education so that I can further continue to serve my community.”

Demetrius N.
Demetrius received his 200-hr yoga certification in India! He currently teaches children ages 5-16 how to nurture their mental development through mindfulness and yoga.

“I want to deepen my understanding of trauma informed yoga, since many of my students/clients also have grave trauma, so the greater my knowledge and experience, the better I can serve others.”

Jacqueline O.
Living in Memphis, Tennessee, Jacqueline offers yoga as a tool for healing to her clients of hers as a life coach. Although she has a focus on supporting members of the Black community, her classes and offerings provide non-judgement, inclusive experiences for folks from all walks of life.

“I desire to have a broader understanding of how trauma affects the spirit, mind and body and gain additional practices and competencies I can incorporate in my restorative yoga classes and all of my offerings to further support the nervous system and provide gentle healing.”

Malikia R.
Malikia is the author of a mindfulness journal and has been practicing yoga for over 11 years. She started Yoga4Us in Raleigh, NC as a space for here community to leave their perceptions of how yoga behind and arrive as a clean slate.

“I work in predominantly Black spaces. This training will allow me to lead in a more informed and impactful way. I look forward to applying trauma informed training to better serve people experiencing atypical birth journeys.”

Alanah W.
Alanah found yoga to be a healing tool in her own mental health journey. She became a registered teacher and now enjoys teaching classes in Harlem!

“Clients especially POC who experience trauma are most times overlooked or not catered to. This In depth training would allow me to better serve the population I currently work with using meaningful & studied techniques.”

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