Children’s Aid

Our Children’s Aid program focuses on helping underserved children to succeed and thrive. Our goal is to make yoga and mindfulness easily accessible to children and their families living in poverty and provide tools for them to help manage stress, conflict and instability. Our Children’s Aid program sees a wide range of student ages in class – our youngest student has been 4 and the oldest is 68. Parents and children appreciate the bonding and sense of community that is created in class and we are proud to help bring families together on the mat.
What students had to say about class:
“I see that expanding the breath, even a little beyond my normal inhale and exhale, can be helpful in many situations.”
“Any day I am feeling stressed, I practice what I learned and it helps a lot.”
“Since class I noticed, I am more aware of my breathing. I also noticed I am aware when I am doing too much.”

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